The Company: Ceara Marine Pilots


Ceará Marine Pilots provides pilotage services in the Ceara State Pilotage Area.


Its mission is to safely and efficiently move ships in the ports of Ceara State (Mucuripe and Pecem), based on risk management, through technical-specialized knowledge and practical experience, supported by the available technology.


The values that guide the performance of Ceará Marine Pilots are:

a) Safety and efficiency:

  • Navigation safety requirements are always a priority over others;

  • Execution of the pilotage service in a unified manner and in a regulated environment is an indispensable condition for meeting the safety requirements of navigation;

  • Permanent pursuit of operational efficiency in the handling of ships and other vessels.


b) Quality of Services:

  • Seeking to meet the requirements of customers and authorities as well as the management and satisfaction of their expectations;

  • Continuous pursuit of service quality improvement.

c) People:

  • Continuous technical and human improvement, enhancement of the knowledge and skills of our professionals;

  • Ethical behavior, cohesion, and loyalty.


d) Technology

  • Adoption and use of new technologies that contribute to safety, productivity and value to our services.


e) Management

  • Transparency and participation of shareholders in management;

  • Quality Management aiming at meeting customer requirements and continuous improvement of the Organization's results;

  • Professional and proactive strategic management recognizing and adapting the Organization to new legal and market situations.


The company has 12 pilots that are the sole shareholders, working together with employees, associates and other service providers to provide non-stop and high quality pilotage services.

We are proud to contribute to the safety of navigation, safeguarding the ship, its cargo and crew, the local environment and society as a whole. In this way we support state role in the national and international logistics supply chain.